Women’s Enterprise Center Training

The Women’s Enterprise Center has kicked off 2021 with 2 weeks of training for the Mlambeni Basket Weavers group. The ladies  are learning new elephant-friendly enterprise activities to help diversify their income away from a pure reliance on maize farming. A team from GoGrow Limited, facilitated by trainers Lucy Kerei and Robert Matheka, have led the group in Enterprise Development Training, engaging the women in entrepreneurship, bookkeeping and marketing skills. 

GoGrow Trainers teaching the women about Enterprise Development. Photos: Alfie Simcad and Purity Milgo

Half of the ladies have also been participating in Sewing Training, led by Rhoda Otieno from the Uwezo Wema Initiative.

Ladies learning how to sew pouches with the brand new sewing machines. Photo: Esther Serem


The Centre has been abuzz with excitement, and the women are learning how to use the new sewing machines the Elephants and Bees team have installed,  learning new skills. Through interactive and interesting training activities like this, the Mlambeni women are broadening their skillsets, excited by the possibilities of alternative livelihood activities. 

Mlambeni ladies modelling their newly stitched bags, from left to right-Violet Mbwaga, Josephine Kisero and Jane Samba. Photo: Esther Serem

A huge thanks to The Wildlives Foundation for funding all the sewing machines and to our new Education Services grant for the training support!

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