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Uganda Beehive Fences

“We tried trenches and failed because elephants could cover them with soil. We used gun shooting to scare away the animals it also failed. Now, we have resorted to bee fencing – and so far, so good.”

– Innocent Kahwa, community liaison officer at Volcano Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT)

“The beehive fences have a number of advantages beyond keeping out elephants, the bees help to pollinate crops and increase yields, and farmers will be able to produce and sell honey for extra income.”

– Bijampola, beekeeper and beekeeper teacher

Sources – Daily Monitor / The Guardian

The farmers have had interest in their beehive fence project from within Uganda by the local media and we hope that as the data comes in from Malaika’s beehive fence project, we will start to see if beehive fences could be a viable option to help other human-elephant conflict affected farmers in the country.