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Hi All,

My name is Socks.

I live at the Elephants and Bees camp where I get spoiled by all the lovely interns who come from all over the country to help out with Dr Lucy King’s Elephants and Bees Projects.

Recently one of the volunteers brought some strange things with her to give to me and my sister Winkie and her son Tsavo.

The small things which smelled delicious I really liked! I came back to her to ask for more – Now every morning we get one of those “dog biscuits”, that’s what this human called it. I just love them!

After she got our attention with the biscuits she came with a big thing which was not smelling as delicious as the dog biscuits she gave us. Tsavo ran away, also Winkie was a bit hesitant.

But I wanted to be a tough boy, so I approached the volunteer and sniffed the thing.

She challenged me to bite it, so why not?! And it was a lot of fun! I took it in my mouth and run away.  Winkie joined me later, took it from me and run around the camp in circles!

And because all the people who stay here protect the elephants in one way or the other, the volunteer also brought a little elephant for us to play with 😉
Winkie, Tsavo and me will protect our grey and purple elephant.

Photos by Remke Lasance

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