President Bill Clinton & Elephant-Friendly Honey

Blog by Dr. Lucy King, Elephants and Bees Project Leader

We were recently honoured by a visit from President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton to our Save the Elephants’ Samburu Research Camp. I was very delighted to meet him and have a few moments to discuss our project with him. To my great surprise he told me that he had read all about our Elephants and Bees Project and thought it was a wonderful idea! I was able to hand him a jar of our Elephant-Friendly Honey and our Beehive Fence Construction Manual – just in case they have a problem with elephants invading his lawn in America…..

Very special to have such an interesting group of visitors to our camp and to tell them all about our Elephant research and Community work. We enjoyed taking them around on safari and introducing them some of our elephants. Let’s hope at the next CITES meeting America votes to say “NO” to any more international sales of elephant ivory and rhino horn products!

2015_05_03_Clinton_Visit-10 (small)

President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton with all the Save the Elephants’ researchers and support staff in our Samburu Research Camp.


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