Meet some of our participating farmers

Our  core project site in Kenya, is with the Taita people of Sagalla next to Tsavo East National Park boundary in southern Kenya. The location makes the community especially vulnerable to human-elephant conflict, with elephants venturing outside the park during the dry season in search of nutritional crops and water.

We began the beehive fence project here in 2009 with just two beehive fences being built as part of a pilot project in Mwakoma Village for Dr King’s DPhil research. Over the years, and with increased success and enthusiasm from the local people, we have now expanded beyond Mwakoma to the next door village of Mwambiti in 2015. We now have a total of 336 beehives that are protecting 24 farms on the frontline of crop raiding events in Sagalla. This forms the core farm-based research site for our participatory project but we also conduct training on site and support projects being developed around Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Beehive fence farmers with donated beehives!

The Farmers