Mwambiti Village receives new SMN beehive fences

Blog by Dr Lucy King, Elephants and Bees Project Leader

We are delighted to show you some images of our new beehive fences being installed in Mwambiti Village in Sagalla, on the edge of Tsavo East National Park in Southern Kenya. These hives have been generously donated by the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) members as well as one or two from individual donors including Lucy Parker, Naiya Raja and St Ronan’s School. This community was selected after a comprehensive human-elephant conflict survey completed by Augustine Musyoka from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute who has now joined our Elephants and Bees Team in Sagalla to help implement his recommendations for beehive fences to be installed in the worst effected farms in Mwambiti. Below are some of our images from the last few weeks of installing the new beehive fences.


SMN hives in centerSMN hive being hung by teamJohn hangingSMN hiveSMN hives being hungLucy King with SMN hiveLucy with SMN hive and cropsTeam building SMN beehive fence

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