It’s a dogs life!

Field Blog by International Interns, Louise Warden and Emilia Malmstrom

So, although we have some very important researchers in camp, our beloved dogs… and Junior, are the stars of the show. The camp wouldn’t be the same without them! Firstly, we have the gorgeous Winky, named after the house elf in Harry Potter for her magnificently oversized ears. She’s the lady of the camp so is far less smelly than the boys, human boys included!

Winky. Our little angel.


Next, we have the main man, some say the Mufasa of the dog world our lovely boy Socks, so named for the white markings on his paws making him look like he’s wearing tiny doggy socks. His gentle nature and super cool style means you get a slight shock when he grabs the bread roll you were looking forward to straight out of your hand. He’ll even sit with his paws up at the table as if he’s one of us waiting for his dinner!

Socks. The Mufasa of the doggy world!


Tsavo is a result of the suspected forbidden love between Jamie (a.k.a. Socks) and Cersei (a.k.a. Winky) Lannister so within days he only reminded me of one person, Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Although soft and gentle Tsavo isn’t the brightest spark, standing in the rain and then wanting to give soaking wet cuddles. His little open lips making him look more like a little black rhino than a dog. Despite his interesting heritage Tsavo will always have a special place in our hearts.  

Tsavo. Our little black Rhino


What can we say about Junior, well where to start? He’s a scrappy little pup that turned up to camp without an official invitation. Despite his little size he will eat the other dogs’ food and then have the cheek to chase them around all day wanting to play. Winky, our little angel is the only one who will play with Junior, Socks is too busy overseeing important camp business and Tsavo will be hiding in the bushes until dark when he suddenly reappears to our delight.  As Winkey zooms around the camp chasing after Junior you can see the scrappy little dogs eyes light up with joy. Junior might be a little difficult at times, ok, most of the time but most of the camp, Victor not included loves him anyway.

Junior. Our scrappy little pup doing his favourite thing…eating.


Last but not least we have Tamu who is a regular visitor at camp, with her golden fur she may look like butter wouldn’t melt but you wait until Junior tries to steal her food and he’ll run for his little life. She’s our golden girl and not to be messed with! Every one of our precious dogs has their own personality and we’d be lost without them… even Junior! Especially us interns as then we wouldn’t know our way back to camp.

Tamu. Our golden girl with a lot of sass.


Photo credits: Louise Warden & Emilia Malmstrom

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