Dog treatment in Sagalla

By Meha Kumar


There is a saying that goes; “for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack,” which in this context highlights that dogs are loyal and would fiercely defend those whom they love.

Almost 98% of the bomas in Lower Sagalla have a dog, mainly for security purposes. During the dead of the night, elephants raid farms when people are fast asleep and one of the quickest alarms to go off are the dogs. Farmers share stories of how their dogs will not stop barking until the visiting elephants cannot be smelled anymore. Dogs therefore provide early warnings for early preparation to deter elephants.

Sadly, many farmers simply do not having access to the resources needed and this means that dogs are more prone to diseases such as mange and plague from fleas and others diseases from ticks. This further means that the chances of these diseases being transmitted to humans is even higher, which is why the flea & tick treatment is crucial.

In August 2021, STE received a kind donation for flea & tick treatment medication from Wildlife Vets International and  Vet UK.

We immediately dived right into planning out the administration process. The list kick started with staff members of the E&B Research Centre and beehive fence farmers, who experience frequent elephant crop-raids and visits.

Two interns from E&B Research Centre carried out the administration. The owners of the dogs were extremely appreciative and they were very serene and willing to receive the help from us. So far we have contentedly treated 63 dogs, including puppies and adult dogs.

I was lucky to carry with me the title of ‘Daktari wa Mbwa’ which translates to Doctor for the dogs, that was given to me by the lovely people of Sagalla. To my great satisfaction, the skills I’ve attained from working at a veterinary clinic has come to perfect use!

I believe dogs in the community are as salient as livestock. Unquestionably, village dogs have excellent survivor skills, but are not gifted with the immunity to fight off diseases, which is why we express our sincere graritude to Vet UK for the Flea & Tick Medication which we will be a help to the dogs in Sagalla.


“if you can’t help a thousand dogs, then help just one.”


Vet UK


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