Slide background Group of crop raiding bulls Group of crop raiding bulls

Elephant Crop-Raiding Behaviour

So far it appears that there are certain times of the year when the Tsavo elephants begin moving into the farms. Though there isn’t a precise timing, mostly the farm incursions happen when the park is beginning to dry, and the elephants are looking for additional nutrition. We also see repeat crop-raids in certain farms suggesting that once the elephants “know” where there are crops available to eat, they will repeatedly visit those farms until the crops have been finished. Other farms only get one visit from elephants and are lucky to get away with minimal damage.

Elephant footprints walking through and feeding in a maize farm.

Farm invaded by elephants who trample and eat crops

Elephant tracking after a reported raid.

A Langstroth beehive fence costs approximately US$1,500 to protect 300m of farm boundary (about 1.5 acres). Please donate a beehive fence today to help protect a farm and reduce human-elephant conflict for farmers living next to Tsavo National Park.