Beehive Fence Farmer Kit

Post by Mobile Unit Education and Outreach Manager Naiya Raja


Beehive fence ready! Packed and unpacked by project member Ewan Brennan in the Elephants and Bees Research Center Community Hall, this neat box includes some of the essentials needed to maintain good hive health and a strong beehive fence. Building capacity through our new Mobile Outreach Unit, the Elephants and Bees team is now able to reach beyond our core research site in Sagalla, Taita-Taveta, to support communities in other high human-elephant conflict areas. Alongside providing training and assistance building beehive fences, the team has produced a small farmer kit including data collection sheets, education materials and useful beekeeping tools. We hope this practical toolkit will help farmers with the equipment and information needed to maintain their fences successfully, protect their crops from elephant-raids, and boost their livelihood through beekeeping.

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