A spectacularly clear picture of an elephant among the maize plants

Elephants Galore….

Report by international intern, Tosca Tindall It was six months – almost to the day – from when I left Sagalla in June to when I returned on the first day of 2017, and the place is unrecognisable! When I left the April rains had turned the village into a rolling sea of African basil, morning glory and moringa; our hive occupancy was over 60% and the team was consumed…

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A curious bull in Tsavo East National Park

A brief visit to E & B

Report from International Intern, Sun Xiao During the short period I stayed at the Elephants & Bees research camp (E&Bs), I was lucky to get involved in various aspects of the project activities such as beehive fence monitoring, crop-raiding incident recording, lip balm making, and also assisting the resident master and PhD students with their research projects. I was very impressed by the excellent and precise data collection methods that are…

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Mayhem in Mwakoma

Report by International Intern, Ryan Wilkie It is mid-December and after the late rains crops are just beginning to sprout down in Tsavo. Even so the research camp has been abuzz with activity. We have sent multiple teams out each day for the past week to visit farms in both Mwakoma and Mwambiti after receiving troubling reports of multiple farms being invaded by elephants. In one night as many as…

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Trips into the park with George to observe elephants and their foraging behaviour.

Tracking, Farming, and Creating: A Glimpse into the Life of an Elephants and Bees Intern.

Report from International Intern, Alexa Oestmann  Jambo! My name is Alexa Oestmann, and I am the current intern at the Elephants and Bees Project. I am an international intern from the United States and this is my first time in Kenya (and Africa) and will definitely not be my last! Kenya has stolen my heart. When I came across the Elephants and Bees project I thought it was the most…

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What its all about...

My Adventure at the Foot of Sagalla Hill

Report by Kenyan Intern, Gloria Mugo  Every individual creates a virtual world in their mind, in anticipation of something new. I was no different when Dr Lucy King took me on for an internship with the Elephants and Bees project in June this year. I had never heard of Save the Elephants(STE), much as I was so attracted to the use of GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) in tracking collared elephants. All…

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My first ever car and my prized possession!

From intern to PhD

Report from PhD Student, Georgia Troup HABARI!! My name is Georgia (George) Troup, and I am the Elephants and Bees Project’s newest PhD student, based at the Australian National University (ANU). This is my third time to Save the Elephants – I was previously an intern at the Samburu field site in 2012, and then last year I came out to the Elephants and Bees site to develop ideas for…

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“I want to be a hero and save the elephants”

Report written by International intern, Zaineb Akbarally. “It is good people who make good places.” – Anna Sewell Jambo! I arrived at the Elephant and Bees research centre four weeks ago to work on the eco-friendly method of using beehive fences as a mitigation strategy for crop raiding elephants. Four weeks have passed by incredibly quickly, and in that time I have been involved in an array of exciting activities from installing…

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An elephant observed at the tank with large lumps due to gunshot trauma

Working to protect vulnerable populations of both elephants and bees

Report from International Intern, Lorna McCallister ( Sri Lanka Project Site) This is my fifth week working in Sri Lanka on the ‘Elephants and Bees’ project managed by PhD candidate Kylie Butler. The project goal in Sri Lanka is to study if Asian honeybees can be used as a successful deterrent to crop-raiding Asian elephants in the same way that the project has worked with African bees and elephants. As we…

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2 bulls having a wrestle at the Weheragala Water Tank (a forest patch located between villages)

My Sri Lanka Beehive Fence Experience…

Report from International Intern, Manon Van Der Meer ( Sri Lanka Project Site) The high temperature, sounds of exotic birds awakening and the distant voice of a Buddhist monk spreading prayers through the village – another morning in Sri Lanka. Almost four weeks ago I left Europe to make use of the amazing opportunity to come to Sri Lanka and participate as an intern in the ‘Elephants and Bees Project’,…

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Elephant tracking with Esther

The Activities of Elephants and Bees and the Sagalla Community

Report by International Intern, Abi Johnson I heard about the concept of using beehives as an elephant deterrent during a field course in Uganda. Around Kibale National Park there are large trenches used to prevent the elephants from entering the neighboring town. However with all the rain that the area experiences, these trenches often become eroded. Therefore, at a few particularly vulnerable areas beehives were placed. The hope is that…

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