Slide background Mozambican beehive fence in Niassa Mozambican beehive fence in Niassa

Mozambique Beehive Fences

In line with NLP’s policy, no wire was used in the construction of the beehive fences in Niassa to make sure that no snares could be made from any of the beehive fence materials. Instead we adapted the design by using strips of old rubber tyres and baobab rope to hang the hives. The beehive fences are working well against crop-raiding elephants and the first 7.5kgs of Mozambican Elephant-Friendly Honey was produced in June 2013 giving a huge moral boost the project and farmers. We continue to communicate with Mbumba and provide ongoing technical advice and support as he expands and monitors the beehive fence project in Niassa.

We thank Wildlife Conservation Network and Elephant Action League for their financial support of this pioneering trial of beehive fences in Mozambique.