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The Elephants and Bees Project works to promote harmony between humans and elephants, primarily by using beehive fences to protect small holder farmland from damage caused by crop raiding elephants. Due to population increase, elephant home ranges are being populated – settlements are increasing and infrastructure developing. Elephants now come into contact with people in areas that have always been their migratory routes, and this contact is causing an escualted conflict between humans and elephants.

Rural farmers living next to Tsavo East National Park in Kenya struggle to harvest their crops each year because elephants migrate out of the park at night and eat the crops from their farms. This human-elephant conflict is increasing, and both farmers and elephants are injured or even killed during nighttime clashes.

Save the Elephants’ Elephants and Bees Project has put up fences made out of beehives around the worst-affected communities. Since elephants are afraid of bees and will avoid them at all costs to prevent getting stung around the eyes and up the trunk, the beehives keep elephants out of crops. Beehive fences have an 80% success rate at reducing elephant crop-raiding events, provide pollination for the crops, and produce Elephant-Friendly Honey for the farmers to sell. The success of our initial beehive fence project on the edge of Tsavo East National Park has lead the initiative as an elephant deterrent to spread far and wide, and is now used by 14+ countries across Africa and Asia to encourage humans and elephants to live in coexistence together.

We rely entirely on research grants and charitable donations from kind individuals to run our research programs and to try to expand The Elephants and Bees concept to other sites across Africa and Asia. As a program under the umbrella of Save the Elephants, charitable donations to the project can be made directly through Save the Elephants for UK and pound sterling donations, and Wildlife Conservation Network in the USA specifically for dollar accounts and American donors wishing to make a 501c-3 tax-deductible donation. 100% of any funds you donate will go towards our efforts protecting elephants from the imminent threat of HEC.